European Master in Software Engineering

Software Project

The main goal of the Software Project is to guide the student in the application of previously acquired knowledge in a work environment that resembles the conditions that are typically found in the software development industry workplace.

The project can be proposed by a professor or company. In the latter case, a Cooperation Agreement should be previously signed by the UPM and the company, as regulated by law (Real Decreto 1497/1981), and an External Supervisor should be assigned within the company.

Each student will be assigned a project and an Academic Supervisor. The Academic Supervisor will issue an initial report about the adequacy of the proposed work, and a final report assessing the reached objectives. By periodic meetings, the Academic Supervisor will make sure that the work adheres to the agreed conditions.

In the Software Project the student will deepen into the application of the acquired knowledge and skills in a realistic environment, making connections among the desires and needs of customers and clients and what the technology can offer, choosing between acquiring, developing or applying the necessary software components, demonstrating his/her understanding of the market, and his/her capability to develop and deploy a software solution in a real environment.

As a result of the Software Project work, the student will produce a report about the tasks carried out and the results obtained that shall be publicly presented. In this way, general competences related to communication to a specialized audience, self-learning capability, autonomy, and capability to work independently in a professional environment will also be addressed.

When the project is performed during an internship at a company, the External Supervisor shall issue a technical report about the tasks assigned to the student, the work environment and work conditions, and they shall also issue a final report on the company's satisfaction with the work conducted by the student, the objectives reached. This report shall be considered by the Academic Supervisor in the preparation of their own evaluation report.

The EMSE Academic Committee shall prepare anually a list of available projects, and they shall assign and coordinate the Supervisors participating in the subject.